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You know you want your prom to be spectacular! You get all fitted, looking good, your entire crew ready to go out and celebrate. You are going to need that incredible ride that is going to pick everyone up, aren't you? Something that makes the entire event official, that will get you to photos, dinner and of course, the big dance! This is our favorite and also busiest time of year. We are veterans at this point and know what you want, so feel free to reach out and give us a call. We should note that this is our busiest time of the season, so try your best to book early so we can guarantee a slot for you and your compadres!

Message To The Parents

We our very experienced drivers that have done dozens of prom/homecoming trips. Your kids are in great hands. We are well informed of the Greater Seattle Area and make sure that we execute all the stops that are intended for the night. Our buses comfortably seat more than 15 people. We practice safety at every turn.

For The Riders

You are going to want to look good showing up to the dance. You know we got your back! We believe we have a very unique club like atmosphere. We have blue lights on the floors and lights on the ceiling which look very surreal when it's dark out. You are going to want to have an immaculate sound system, in which we have on bored. Hook your Ipod, smart phone or bring any cd's you got.

Your Schedule Matters

You are most likely going to hit several spots around Seattle. Most of the time out party bus shows up to a specific location where everyone can leave there cars. This is also the place we will drop you off at the end. We take you out to get your pictures taken, we take you out to dinner. And then we get you to your prom/homecoming. If you have any special request through out the trip - Just give us a heads up so we can plan that.

Once again this is a very busy time for us, so try your best to lock down a time a month - or even two months - ahead of time. It's always a mad dash during this time, so it can really be a first come first serve basis.

We would love to be able to help you experience this staple time that you are going to remember for years. We serve High Schools from Everett to Tacoma, Washington. Give us a call today so we can hook you up with a quote!